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June 28, 2008

Incredible Keralam

Welcome to the tropical paradise of India - Incredible Kerala and take up a relaxing backwater travel ride or take a tour of Incredible Kerala's palm-fringed wide sandy beaches. Visit the lush green tea gardens or wildlife sanctuaries and rediscover the true wonder built by nature in Incredible India - Kerala. One more aspect of travel in Incredible Kerala is Ayurveda; indulge in some of Kerala's renowned natural therapy treatments and rejuvenate yourself. Incredible Kerala is amoung the most explored tourist destination in India, other being Rajasthan and Goa. Visit:

June 12, 2008

Kerala Travel

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Kerala is a microcosm of the Indian sub continent. With all the major religions, languages, cuisine, varied cultures, ancient systems of medicine, undulating topography and a chequered history of spice trade and colonialism , Kerala is India in a small package.

A multicultural society that boasts of a social health index comparable to western nations, indigenous, colourful art and ritual dances from Kathakali to Kalaripayattu and Theyyam, the ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda, its unique, winding waterways known as `backwaters’, its damp paddy fields lower than sea level, its forests home to some of the rarest wildlife and plant species and verdant, clean beaches has earned Kerala the sobriquet, `God’s own country’. for more...


'WHY, IS TAJ MAHAL BEING AUCTIONED?' Can You guess? Can you count?

The above questions, at the first sight, look innocent. But when you are asked to count 4 crores(40 millions) of broom sticks (Central stick-part of coconut palm leaves),and to guess... MORE...

Amazing work on teak root
This is an amazing work done by Mr. Sunil Kumar, Chengannur, Kerala, using root of a teak wood. He took 4 years to finish the work.This work is 5.5 feet radius. It contains 41 creatures like birds, animals, snakes etc. The work has concealed wiring through the wood and provision for lighting... MORE... WWW.KALAKERALAM.COM

Have Feet, Will Travel

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