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January 02, 2016


We providing Kerala traditional paintings Thanjavur paintings and Different category of paintings . The followings are the major categories Mural, oil, Portrait, Digital, Color pencil, water color and  Thanjavur Paintings

Kerala has a rich tradition of ancient murals (wall paintings) that are considered unique as much for their emphasis on beauty, clarity and symmetry as for their linear accuracy, emphasis on drama, gestures and use of elaborate costume. A large and complex picture often narrate a story from the Epics (puraanaas) with Gods and Goddesses fancifully depicted amid backdrops as highly stylized flora, fauna and other aspects of Nature. Pictorial characterization was based on the triple division of all reality into satva (balanced), rajas (active) and tamas (inert). These murals, which have withstood the vagaries of time for centuries, have been painted entirely with natural colours made of mineral and vegetable dyes.
We, at KeralaArtgallery, endeavour to revive and uphold this cultural legacy, bestowed upon us by our illustrious forefathers, in all its spiritual divinity. The Neo-Murals have already become a ubiquitous fixture in many a Living Rooms, Conference Halls and Office Foyers. Since the traditional paraphernalia used in the ancient murals is no longer efficacious in the contemporary architecture, we have developed a new technique to quench the demands of a new era. We have been successful in retaining the age-old charm of the traditional mural art in all aspects. For more details click here 

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